JWX Stimulating Scalp Oil & Treatment

JWX Stimulating Scalp Oil & Treatment

JWX Stimulating Scalp Oil & Treatment was perfectly crafted with each client and their individual hair/scalp needs in mind. Our oil treatment is infused with 100% African herbal oil, Extra virgin olive oil And tea tree oil. Promoting maximum growth results while minimizing dryness and soothing the scalp at the same time. JWX Scalp Oil & Treatment helps to stop and prevent breakage/split ends resulting in not only healthy hair but Wealthy Hair.

  • Details

    -Shake well before using 

    -Concentrated (A little goes a long way)

    -Can apply to scalp before or after braiding 

    -Can apply to scalp after shampoo (before blow-dry) 

    -Great for braids & under weaves and wigs. 


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