How Many Bundles Do I Need?

For any look to be complete "The Wealthy Way" A minimal of 2-3 bundles is recommended for 18 inches and shorter. 3-4 Bundles for 20 inches and longer.


YES you can color and bleach our bundles. This is 100% Raw Indian Hair which means that each bundles was collected from a single donor and has not been chemically processed what so ever. 


With proper maintenance our hair can last up to 2 years. Proper care instructions below.

Maintaining "The Wealthy Way" 

Shampoo at least once a week. Shampoo in downward motion. DO NOT bunch hair together. Rinse, Towel Dry and  apply conditioner, brush through with a paddle brush, starting with the ends working your way up. Rinse thoroughly in cool water. It is best to let air dry or blow dry on cool temperature.

To get the "Wet and Go" look with our Wavy or Curly textures We recommend  spraying water and leave in conditioner Scrunch up hair gently to reform curls
Let air dry. Avoid running hands through while allowing hair to dry.

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Wealthy Wig Unit?

Always ensure that you brush  your Wealthy Wig Unit from ends to root with a paddle brush before you make any attempt to shampoo unit. Condition and always rinse in cool water.  Be sure to be as gentle as possible when working with lace to ensure no rips or tears. Use leave-in conditioner to moisturize and always use a heat protectant when using hot tools on hair.


How To Properly Measure Your Head?

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